The MarketPage™ Advantage

The MarketPage™ Platform isn’t a typical web platform like a CMS or e-commerce solution. It isn't designed to replace what you have either. Rather, it's built to enhance your existing efforts, but solve for all the common challenges you face when trying to make a CMS or E-commerce platform into a best-in-class Marketing solution.

MarketPage™ offers a suite of key technologies that address major issues like lack of unique & useful content across millions of pages, poor internal linking architecture, and addressing things that only a large-scale data-driven solution can.  Even more, it is built around a philosophy of online sustainability and growth that has proven to be highly successful for over 14 years. It's been the secret to large-scale success for major online brands in the most competitive Google search markets. 


It is ideal for companies with broad, complex offerings with many products or services, as well as geographically based businesses (local and global).   We empower your marketing team to reach large new segments of your audience on Google, lower your cost per customer, and accelerate growth in organic, paid, email, digital display, and more. 

How we do it


We determine what MarketPage™ technologies you need: Marketing Pages, SmartContent, and/or Internal Linking Solutions

Marketing Pages: MarketPage™ can create thousands to millions of Marketing pages that look just like your website, leveraging multiple data sources. These Marketing Pages are hosted in a sub-directory of your site and matched to your branding guidelines, and all traffic captured by the pages is driven into your conversion pages. They utilize all MarketPage™ technologies to create the ideal, highly performant landing pages for organic search, paid search, email marketing, and more.

SmartContent™: MarketPage™ can also augment your existing e-commerce or CMS pages with SmartContent - a hybrid human-written and data-driven technology that can generate unique, useful, highly structured content for up to millions of pages.

Internal Linking Solutions: MarketPage™ can significantly enhance existing CMS or e-commerce pages with multiple advanced internal linking solutions. It can manage the flow of link equity site-wide, and/or create highly relevant related cross links to connect isolated content in order to improve rankings, fix indexation issues, improve conversion, and more.